Beardy Holiday Gift Guide

Since Christmas is coming up this month I thought I’d take a moment to present (pun intended?) to you all the perfect beardy holiday gift guide. Now these are just a few of my favorites. You can also check out the 101 Mustache Gift Ideas by Coty Gonzales or this guide by Erin Dollar of I Made You a Beard.

Beard Bandanas by Burro Bags

First up are the amazing beard bandanas by Jacksonville’s own Burro Bags. Perfect stocking stuffers for your favorite beard enthusiast.

Mustache Socks by

Who wouldn’t want a pair of mustache socks by Seriously.

Mustache Wax by Man's Face Stuff

Tired of an unkempt stache? Then get yourself some Cinnamon Clove Mustache Wax by Man’s Face Stuff.

Facial Hair Handbook by Jack Passion

Just getting in to the art of Facial Hair? Then learn from the best and grab yourself the Facial Hair Handbook by the champ himself, Jack Passion.

Beardo Necklace by KidViskous

Ladies, you can keep up with the latest in beardy fashion with this sweet Beardo Necklace by KidViskous.

Mustache Ring by Isette

Or this awesome mustache ring by Isette.

Handlebar Hold Up by Fuzzy Ink

I love this T-Shirt graphic by Fuzzy Ink.

Mr. Moustache tote bag by Sirena con Jersey

This Mr. Mustache Tote bag is pretty sweet by Sirena Con Jersey.

Skull T-Shirt Graphic by the Timber Preservation Society

And lastly, I’ve always been a fan of the Timber Preservation Society. I love his Shirt designs. Go get yourself one.

And that’s my perfect guide to beardy holiday shopping. Happy Holidays and keep bearding!


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